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»TWO CHERRIES« Special chisels
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Multi-chisel with flat 2-component handle
Item number: 1009026
for 32.63 €
S-Form Firmer Chisel, hornbeam handle
Item number: 1051010
Variants e.g. for 21.68 €
Pair of Chisels, skew, hornbeam handle
Item number: 1056020
Variants e.g. for 45.75 €
Pair of Chisels, skew, cranked, hornbeam handle, right and left
Item number: 1058012
Variants e.g. for 45.16 €
Chisel with pointed edge, cranked with hornbeam handle
Item number: 1059012
Variants e.g. for 22.58 €
Swan neck mortise chisel with hornbeam handle
Item number: 1351006
Variants e.g. for 36.74 €
Gouge, bent pattern, with hornbeam handle
Item number: 1471006
Variants e.g. for 26.06 €
Plugging Chisel
Item number: 1720150
Variants e.g. for 27.83 €
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