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Item number 1131002
Price € 249.00
• High-quality firmer chisels, made in Germany
• Safe storage in genuine suede leather roll bag
• Perfect for all chipping woodworks - in the workshop or on construction site
• For shaping bevels, edges or surfaces and creating mortise and tenon joints
• For removing wood surfaces or unevenness
• All firmer chisels with exclusive leather edge protection
• Blades made of high carbon tool steel, hornbeam wooden handle
• Score free polished blades with short and light bevels
• Wooden handle reinforced with impact ring and ferrule
• Factory grinding angle: 25 ° - for soft to medium-hard wood
• Material hardness: ± 61 HRC, 2/3 of the blade hardened
• Manufactured according to B DIN 5139
• Content: 4 - 6 - 10 - 12 - 16 - 20 - 26 - 30 mm

Suede leather pouch:

• 100% genuine leather from Europe
• Perfect for storing and transporting firmer chisels
• Protects against dust and moisture
• Suitable for all firmer chisel sizes - from 2 mm - 50 mm blade width
• Strong leather strap for tightening and closing the bag
• A total of three closure levels

Note: Leather is a natural material - color and texture may vary slightly!
Additional information
Item number: 1131002

To prevent the tools from corrosion, we recommend applying a small amount of oil on the tools after use or before storing them for a longer period.

Before storing the tools, moisten the blade with a cloth lightly soaked in oil (white oil or our art. no. 3708000).

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