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Item number 3712000
Price € 12.97
Gauge for measuring cutting angle of firmer chisels and carving chisels
  • The gauge is made of stainless steel
  • The edges are slightly rounded to protect the tool
  • It has 4-way angles for firmer chisels, carving chisels and plane irons:
  • 17° for soft wood (standard angle for carving chisels)
  • 20° for medium-hard wood
  • 25° for hard wood (standard angle for firmer chisels)
  • 27° for very hard wood
  • The round hole at the end of the recess prevents the cutting edge from touching the gauge during the test procedure
  • A permanent marking has been applied by a laser that does not fade even after frequent use of the gauge
  • The large opening at the end of the gauge can be used as a bottle opener
  • For safe storage of the gauge, a high quality leather case is included
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Item number: 3712000
Included tax: 19.00%

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