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Draw-knife, high polished, straight
Item number 4003120
Price € 56.83 € 58.30
This high polished draw-knife impresses not only by its appearance and the easier gliding through the wood due to this surface - but also by its short construction. It is versatile and ideally suited for work on small workpieces, especially in sculpture, carving and bow making.

The cutting edge is made of high-quality tool steel in the usual "KIRSCHEN" quality and is hardened to 61 HRc. It is delivered to you with a length of approx. 120 mm and a blade thickness of 4 mm as well as a bevel of 25° ready for use. To protect the blade and the surface, the draw-knife is delivered in a protective cover made of velour leather and can thus be stored safely.

The elaborate polishing of the surface makes this short draw-knife an eye-catcher and perfect aid for fine work.
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Item number: 4003120
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