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Set of carving knives in Verloursleather bag

Set of carving knives in Verloursleather bag, 3 pieces, each consisting of a carving knife with double-sided, curved edge (no. 3353000), a small blade, skew edge, for intarsia (no. 3356000) and a straight ...

€ 45.00

€ 40.50

Japanese Draw Saw

Japanese saw with short handle, universal blade

€ 49.02

€ 45.00

Spare blade for japanese saw

Spare blade for Japanese saw

€ 15.48

€ 13.50


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€ 12.97

€ 12.97

Honing Set

This honing set consists of a 100ml plastic bottle with special oil which is matched to the honing to achieve the best possible results. The enclosed honing stone consists of 2 different grains (blue = ...

€ 37.17

€ 34.00

Combination Woodworkers' Set

Firmer chisel set with Japanese saw, 4pcs., short length, light pattern, bevelled edges, with flat hornbeam handle in display box. Sizes: Firmer chisel No. 1011 10, 20, 26 mm and Japanese saw No. 4190 ...

€ 122.96

€ 110.00